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I’m Mark (imnuts) and I’m slowly building my entire website. It’s coming along somewhat slowly as I get sidetracked rather easily and tend to go off on tangents at times leaving stuff half finished, if it even makes it half way. I’m slowly working on pulling things together and will have a unified theme at some point for the entire site, but it could be a little while.

So, here is a little history about me. I went to Greenwood Elementary and High schoool in Central PA. We got a computer at home when I was in 6th grade, didn’t really do much with it then. Throughout high school, we had to use computers more and more. For Christmas my senior year of high school I got a computer, which is currently running as this server. I then started experimenting with things a lot more. I tested out downloading music and other random stuff, which was painfully slow since we only have dialup at home. I also took a MOUS Certification test my senior year in high school on Microsoft Excel 2003, and then promptly forgot half the stuff that was on the test.

After coming to college at Bucknell University for Chemical Engineering, I started doing a lot more with computers. I learned about BitTorrent about half way through my first semester and took off with that. I also started to dabble a little with Linux, although nothing major. Things sort of just coasted along from there until close to the end of my second semester when I joined PROnetworks in search of what was then Longhorn, and now Vista. I then got into beta testing and playing around with a bunch of random stuff. The members there also helped me with the configuration of a new computer as well. I was quite active there over the summer seeing as I didn’t have anything else to do while at work.

Sophomore year of college, I continued on the Vista quest and learning more about computers, although not doing much of anything major. I did have a job at the TechDesk here at school, helping out students with computer problems, but that was sort of boring as it was the same thing over and over. Classes sort of took me out of a lot, along with joining ΣΑΜ in the fall semester. So between classes and the fraturnity, I didn’t have much time to do stuff. I did manage to build myself a new computer, at least mostly, over the course of the spring semester. After I had a second system up and running, I went into the Linux world pretty much full time. I left Server 2003 on it for a little as I tested out Server 2003 R2, my first full beta testing program that I know of, but for the most part, I kept Linux of some sort on the system. Over the summer, I kept upgrading my main system as it was taking a while to scare up the funds to do so.

Then came Junior year, which just passed. I had another system for the year, an old PowerMac G4, which is basically a backup machine that sits on pretty much all the time. I moved to FreeBSD on my server instead of Linux, just to test things out, and I’ve been running it ever since. That is what is currently on my server that I’ve had for a while now. The Mac has basically just been sitting around as I said, although I did learn a good bit about the OS and all things with it when I was using it. I also moved on to Windows Vista being my main OS on the PC that I built. It has seen periods of XP, but for a good chunk of time now, It has been running only Vista, even though I wasn’t in the beta program until this past April.

Then we are up to the present day. I’ve basically been doing nothing, more or less. I have the same old job, just a different day. I’m pretty much just trying to decide what I want to do with my life as Chemical Engineering is fun, just not really that interesting when it comes to day to day types of stuff. I’ve really been doing a lot as far as server configuration and learning of random stuff in the computer area goes. I really have no idea what the future holds for me, but watch my blog and you may find out.


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