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uTorrent 1.6.1 Beta

I’ve been using uTorrent as my main torrent program for Windows since I’ve started using Windows Vista full time. The main reason for this is that Java does some really funny stuff with the graphical system, and since Java is a key component when using my favorite program, Azureus, I needed something that would work really well. I’ve tried several different programs already, from the mainline client to 10+ other clients that are out there with varying features and GUIs and everything, but none of them really compared to Azureus as far as speed and features besides uTorrent. However, even though it is a really good program, it is still lacking when compared to its beefy Azureus counterpart mainly because of the lack of plugins that add a ton of functionality to Azureus.

Then, I searched around the other day and found that one of the two biggest features that I used from Azureus’ plugin system had been put into public beta for uTorrent, the web GUI. It is really nice to have a web GUI when you are always close to your computer, such as like I am at college, but don’t really have access to it at the moment for one reason or another. It allows you to start up the program and then just monitor the torrent progress or add new torrents remotely without needing remote desktop or anything. It really is very useful once you get used to using the web interface, and really helps if you want to change the bandwidth usage or priority of a torrent when you are away.

Then I saw the preview of the web interface that has been built for uTorrent. It is simply amazing and is basically like having uTorrent running within the browser as you can change almost anything that you could normally when inside the actual client. I have used 3 different web interfaces for Azureus and none of them gave me nearly the same control over the program compared to what the uTorrent interface does. There has to have been a lot of coding done to make such an amazing web UI, it is simply stunning. The only thing that I wonder about having such detail and control over the web interface and actual program from it is if it will turn into a security risk as you can change basically anything about the program’s settings.

If you do like web interfaces for torrent programs, although I don’t know of many that have them, you should really check out the beta of uTorrent. While it does seem a little insecure with the control the user has over the program, there are options to encrypt the data sent and received from the client over the web. The only thing that could make uTorrent better at this point now is if they also included something similar to the SafePeer plugin for Azureus, which is PeerGuardian for a single program instead of the entire system, just to keep those you don’t want from spying on what you may or may not be downloading at the time.


4 Responses to “uTorrent 1.6.1 Beta”

  1. I’m glad you found utorrent ^_^ I myself am a huge promoter of this bautiful piece of software. If you are having any troubles with it, give me a shout. I have 3 posts concerning almost everything there is about utorrent. I can help with most problems, and if I can’t the forums should be able to.

  2. Hi,

    I got 2 problems with Utorrent 1.7 BETA on Windows Vista.

    1. When I start Utorrent, my internet goes down and I cannot open website.

    2. The download speeds are so low, in the range of 1 KB/S to 3 KB/s.
    I used to have Utorrent on XP and it used zoom on 100 KB/S to 300 KB/S.

    What could be the problem, and how to solve that. Please help.

  3. I have had the same problem with utorrent. My internet works fine until I open the program and then the internet will not work. I have had the same problem with Bitlord v1.1 and v2 and utorrent v1.6. Seems to me like Vista is somehow blocking file sharing. I have not had any problems with XP, only once I “upgraded”.

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