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New Build Coming Soon

I’m sure this is great news to some, and others are probably wondering where this info may be coming from. I don’t know what build number it may be or anything, but supposedly, there will hopefully be another build released to the beta testers in the coming days/weeks. While I will admit, I don’t have any concrete evidence that says exactly when or what build or anything, there is a feeling in the air that something new is going to ship soon.

There are a few different reasons why I feel this way, and I’m sure many others do as well. If we take a step back and look at things, there are a few good signs pointing towards another release sometime rather soon. While 5472 was released to testers no all that long ago, it was about 3 weeks ago now. Many of the bugs that are going to be submitted on a build about any issue is going to be submitted within the first week, at least for the most common bugs that are out there. The article by Robert McLaws are Longhorn Blogs shows this. What the analysis also shows is that build releases have slowly been getting more and more frequent as we approach RTM. These are two big points that are sort of hinting at a new release as many of the issues that exist have been reported.

Another thing that is sort of “hinting” at a new build is the release schedule that was around the Vista Beta 2 schedule. The beta testers received a new build shortly before the release of the actual beta build. This was done to try and detect any major bugs that may have popped up to be sure there wasn’t a big problem when the build went public. The testers had a week or two to submit a few bugs, the received Vista Beta 2. The first RC (release candidate) build is right around the corner, with a planned release this month. It would make sense if RC1 was going to be released in mid-August that a pre-RC1 build was released now to work out any major issues that may exist in the close to RC1 build. Unless the planned August release of the next publicly available build has been pushed back, there should be something soon if a similar schedule is to be kept.

The Windows XP release schedule from it’s beta days as Whistler also point that a new build should be around soon, as the closer it got to the final release time, the more frequent the build releases became. With the release of Vista supposedly happening in November for the OEM companies and around January for the public release, we are getting very close to RTM. In order to get as many issues worked out as possible, they would want to release more and more builds as more and more bugs get their fixes migrated into the main release branch. To be sure that these fixes don’t cause an issue in some other area or bring up an unknown issue, it would be good to have the testers get the updated releass to work out the bugs.

Overall, it will likely be either this weekend at some point, possibly Monday if it follows the 5472 release, or next weekend, as this would make the most sense overall. That would give the tester community 1-2 weeks of testing and still allow for an August release of RC1. While everyone would prefer to have it sooner rather than later, I’d like to see it next weekend or Monday would be best since I would be able to get it as soon as it is released, rather than wait for a lot of other people to start first and get in with the huge train of other downloaders.


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