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Windows Live QnA Invitations

Well, I’ve neglected my blog for the past week for various reasons, although watching the stats really made me want to post. I’ve been working on a couple things for both myself and PROnetworks in the web design area, plus I’ve had to worry about getting some stuff submitted for this coming semester/year at college. Anyway, that isn’t what this post is about, so I’ll cut to the chase.

What this is about is participation in the Windows Live QnA Beta. Since I was lucky enough to become a Windows Live Butterfly, I got into this program as well. You may be wondering what it is. Basically, it’s a website where you can ask questions on various topics and get answers from the community. It is sort of like a forum, but questions are only open for answers so long. The other nice thing is that you can vote for what you think is the best answer. You get “points” for logging in, asking questions, answering questions and other things, but they don’t really go towards much. There are some really cool features to the site. Basically, they are hoping to gather as much information as possible, so that if you have a question on how something works or anything, you can just go here and look quickly and the info will be there.

Where this post comes in is that I have a few invitations that were recently given out to the beta testers so that they could invite friends to the beta program. Well, I don’t know anyone that wants to join the beta program, at least the people I asked didn’t respond, so I’m offering up some of them invitations here, so if you would like to join the QnA program that is listed on Live Ideas, just leave a message and I’ll send one to you. I’m not going to say that everyone gets in that posts, or how many I’m going to give out, but I will send out some of them to folks if they would like to join. No email requests will be accepted, just comment requests. If you leave a comment and email, don’t expect to get invited. I get enough email already and don’t need anymore. So feel free to request one. I’ll leave a comment when no more are available.


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