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Windows Vista Build 5472 Released

Today, Windows Vista build 5472 was released to beta testers. I wasn’t actually around when it was released unfortunately, but I do have it downloaded and ready to be burnt to DVD. All data has been backed up that I need, so as soon as I can get to it, it will be installed. If you are looking for screenshots of build 5472, you should watch the PROnetworks Album as there should be a wealth of screenshots post there shortly. If you are in the Beta Program on Connect, head to the downloads section and get the build, which is about the same size as build 5456.

Another thing that you should do, if you haven’t done so already, is download VistaBootPRO 2.1 Beta. It features the following changes from 2.0:

  • Fixed bug which occurred on some systems when renaming entries.
  • Added advisement to backup bcd file before making any changes.
  • Adjusted font size on pages.
  • Refined Check for .net 2.0 framework prior to installation.
  • Updated backup file dialogs and default filename.
  • Added code to check for valid partition before creating new entry.
  • Updated Help File.
  • Updated Codebase.

The main reason for an updated release so soon after version 2.0 was the bug occuring on systems with renaming/reordering entries. Sorry for any inconvenience for people on this. It has also been confirmed to work on the latest build just released as well (build 5472), so you will be able to use it on all Vista builds that utilize bcdedit.exe for altering the boot menu.


2 Responses to “Windows Vista Build 5472 Released”

  1. […] As I noted earlier today, Microsoft released Vista Build 5472 to Beta Testers today. I have since learned that this is a CTP build and should be available to TechNet and MSDN members as well, so enjoy if you have a subscription or are a member of the beta program. If you aren’t a member of any of the above, just wait until RC1 is released to the public. Unfortunately, you will have to have installed and activated Beta 2 to be able to download RC1, but that isn’t an issue for me and not the topic of this post. […]

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