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VMWare Server 1.0 Works in Vista

Recently, the VMWare team released the new VMWare Server product to the public. It has come out of its beta stages and the really nice thing about it is that it is free to the public, just register for a product key and you can now run virtual machines for free, or run a virtual machine server for free if you have an IIS capable operating system. I have tested out the product some while in its beta stages, but stuck mostly to my copy of VMWare Workstation 5.5, which I received for free last summer at a VMWare conference held close to the King of Prussia Mall.

However, anyone that is running the 64 bit version of Vista, be it Beta 2 or Build 5456, may have noticed that VMWare Workstation does not want to install on the 64 bit build, although it works fine in the 32 bit equivalent. This really disappointed me when I installed 5456 as I still had a bunch of Beta 2 testing that I wanted to accomplish, along with Server 2003 Beta 2 testing, upgrade installation testing, Linux operating system work. Basically, I had a ton of plans for VMWare that really fell through when I couldn’t get VMWare installed in 5456. It also never dawned on me to try and test out the server beta product. I figured that if Workstation wouldn’t install, why would VMWare Server Beta, they should be the same thing more or less.

Today, I found out that this assumption was likely incorrect. I went and registered for my free copy of VMWare server, and decided that I might as well download it, even though I didn’t think that it would work. I then gave it a shot, just to see if it would install, seeing as VMWare Workstation quit about half way through installing, I could find out quick. Also, there usually isn’t any harm in trying, so I started installation. I was amazed when it got all of the way through without any errors and notified me of its successfull installation. Just because it installed properly though didn’t completely convince me that it would work. So, I decided I should just test that out as well, seeing as how I have about 10 different virtual machines sitting here already configured and everything. To my amazement, it also worked fairly well.

I did have to change the default network adapter from the bridged VMNet0 adapater to VMNet1 to use NAT instead. For some reason, it does not want to allow me ot use a bridged network connection. My guess is that it has to do with the networking driver that is used, and the increased security in Vista. I also have issues with the virtual floppy drive, but that isn’t really worrying me to much as I don’t really use the floppy drive for anything in the virtual machine. The really odd bug of hogging all of the system resources possible for a good minute or two is still there, but beyond that, VMWare Server 1.0 seems to be working great in Windows Vista x64 now. Luckily, I decided to test it out, although I’m not sure what really prompted me to do so based on my past experiences with VMWare Workstation and also VMWare Player turned out.

4 Responses to “VMWare Server 1.0 Works in Vista”

  1. Hey, just like yourself, I had gone through the VMWare Workstation not installing bit, so I didn’t even THINK to try Server; hopefully with both products out of the beta stages, and properly released to the public a few of the bugs have also been worked out.

    I’ll be installing on Vista Ultimate (Upgraded from Home Premium via Anytime upgrade), btw…

    I’ll let you know if it works *fingers crossed*

  2. Hi!

    Did you have problem with the CD/DVD when installing VMware server on Vista?
    I just installed it, and now Vista doesn’t recognize the CD and DVD I put in the computer: it thinks they are Writable disks…

  3. Hi,

    Even I have installed vmware 1.0.1 on vista home Premium, it has been installed successfully but problem is with virtual harddsik even on creating new hard disk it’s not recognizing. what to do ?????…… Please help.

  4. Business IT Services…

    VMWare Server 1.0 Works in Vista « imnuts’ Blog…

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