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How to Save your Deal at Dell

I’m sure this has happened to all of us. You’re browsing around the net and find this great deal on something that you really want. The only problem is that your short on cash and can’t use a credit card to buy it, so you end up missing the deal. I know that I’ve had this several times where there was something on sale at Newegg and other retailers, but I just couldn’t find the money to actually buy it at the time of the sale. There is a way around this at Dell, of all places. I have managed to find a way around missing out on the big sale at certain areas within the massive Dell online store.

About a month ago now, I mentioned that I found a great deal on Dell computers that they were offering to higher education students. It was a sale that was tremendous, about $5-600 off computer systems, and the upgrade parts were reduced in price as well. I’ve been wanting a laptop for a long time now, so I figured that this was my chance to actually get one. The problem with it was, though, that the sale ended on June 30, and there was no way I was going to be able to purchase it by then on my own. I configured a system as I wanted to though just to see how much I would need in the odd chance I could buy one, but there was no luck though. I even went as far as adding the system to my cart and then getting the shipping and handling, along with tax info. Basically, I knew how much this would cost down to the cent.

I then noticed this very small link while viewing my shopping cart. It was a link that asked if I wanted to save an e-quote. I looked at it, then read over the description of what an e-quote was and decided that I would save one. I went ahead and saved a decent Latitude D820 laptop and later recieved a notification of my e-quote being saved in my inbox. Then, the end of June came around and the sale was ending, but Dell had long removed the page, they actually did so about half way through the month, ending the sale rather from a public perspective. But, I still had my e-quote, so i went in and retrieved it. The laptop that I configured at the beginning of the month showed up and then a really interesting link came up.

After retrieving the e-quote, you can also reconfigure the laptop. If you click the reconfigure link, it just takes you back to the original page where you customized it previously. It was still June, so I figured that the pricing and everything would still be the same just for June. I resaved a new e-quote on the system that I was more likely going to buy, and even more impressive Latitude D820 laptop. I got the same notification again that my e-quote had been successfully saved and that I could retrieve it later. The thing that makes the e-quotes really nice is that you have an entire month of having the system configured at the price it was configured for. Basically, by saving my e-quote at the end of June, I was securing this price until well into July, and nearly August.

The other day however, I went back and retrieved the e-quote that I saved at the end of June again. I figured that the sale was over and that the system i saved back then was the last I would be able to get as far as options went, and the only option left was to get the money and buy it. However, I was wrong, very wrong. The same reconfigure link was still there. Went to the reconfigure page and the same option prices were still there. I looked over the system and didn’t really make any changes to it, but figured i would go and add it to the cart and check the final price once again. I then noticed that the same option was still there to save an e-quote. I haven’t given this a try yet, but from the looks of things, people would be able to take a sale price, save an e-quote on the item, and extend the sale period indefinitely. The only real restrictions on the e-quote that is saved is that if they are no longer offering a piece of hardware that was saved in the e-quote, it is no longer valid. Otherwise, you could configure a standard system and be able to keep the same price until they stopped making or selling the item.

So, if you ever see a sale at Dell, you can configure the product that you want, save and e-quote, and continue doing so until you have the cash to buy it. There will no longer be the missed sales of something that you wanted but couldn’t buy at the time.


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