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FSUM File Integrity Check Utility

FSUM, by Slavasoft, is a utility that can be used to verify the integrity of file downloads. Popularly used in the Linux world to verify the integrity of the downloaded cd or dvd images, it is a very useful thing to have. What makes FSUM different from other utilities though is that it can generate or check a number of different algorithms, beyond the standard MD5, SHA256, or CRC32 values that one normally finds. In fact, it is the most comprehensive checksum generator I have seen to date, and includes:

  • MD2
  • MD4
  • MD5
  • SHA1
  • SHA256
  • SHA384
  • SHA512
  • RMD
  • CRC32

The one negative aspect of the program is that it is currently only command line, which may be a bit intimidating to less exeperienced users, but I will work on creating a GUI front-end to the program to make it easier for people to use. In the interim though, I have created an ‘installer‘ of sorts that will automatically extract the file to the System32 directory so that you can use the command directly from the command line.


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