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Vista works with Linux

Yes, that’s correct. Despite the tries from Microsoft to make Vista less Linux friendly, such as altering NTFS and changing the bootloader, Linux still plays nicely with Windows Vista. The past week, I’ve been working with a few other users at PROnetworks in the compilation of a guide for installing Linux alongside Vista. Seeing as it is something that is bound to show up, and the fact that more and more people are trying out both now, it is only logical to figure out how to make them play nicely together. There are two big factors that are making it easier for users to test out both here too. The main factor is that Microsoft just released the public beta of Windows Vista (Beta 2). This allows users to install the operating system legally for the first time, and with all the hype around it, people are installing by the thousands. The next big factor that’s causing people to test out Linux is that there is finally a very easy to use and install version with great support, and that is Ubuntu, which has taken the Linux community and the rest of the world by storm. A minor factor which is helping things along is the fact that more and more users are switching to broadband, making it all the easier to download both Linux and Vista to install. Back in the days of dial-up, it would take a solid week just to download a CD image required to install any sort of Linux. With broadband, it takes a few hours; making it much more convenient to do. The guide has been posted, so if you were looking at trying this, check it out. And, as always, you can easily get support in the forums of PROnetworks.

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