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Ubuntu 6.06 Dapper Drake

So, I’m working on getting a dual-boot method of installing Windows Vista and some flavor of Linux installed at the same time. Since Ubuntu is a very popular distro now-a-days, I settled upon testing it out first. Also, based on the fact that it uses GRUB as the bootloader, it is a good decision as that is the most common one in use now as far as I know. So, I go to install Ubuntu in a virtual machine under VMWare, and installation goes just fine. I found out that you need failsafe graphics mode to use the latest release of Ubuntu in VMWare though, otherwise you get an aweful screen that is very hard to read and do anything in. So, due to the fact that it is a virtual machine, everything runs a little slower, especially at the end of the the installation. What I find odd though, is that you go through this whole setup process for Ubuntu, configuring all of these options and everything that you want. You would think that they would be applied prior to actually installing the operating system though.

The odd part about it is though, that it doesn’t do the logical step and just ignore anything that isn’t needed. It goes through, installs everything first, then goes back and uninstalls all of the language packs and stuff that aren’t needed for the system based on your configuration. For some reason, it also goes through and uninstalls some utilities that users may find useful. The most notable one that I saw while packages were being uninstalled during installation (sort-of unintuitive isn’t it) is ntfsprogs. A set of utilities that allow Linux/Unix users to work with NTFS partitions from Windows. Now, many people won’t need these utilities, but what is the point of going through and installing all of this stuff if you’re just going to uninstall it a few minutes later? I mean, it’s called installation for a reason, you’re supposed to be installing stuff, not uninstalling it. I guess the folks over at the Ubuntu development labs are still learning this though.

Even though it does do some really funky stuff, do not discredit Ubuntu as a Linux distrobution. Its ease of use and huge userbase allow for great support, so it is a very n00b friendly distro to work with. Although, I do find things such as this kind of odd.


One Response to “Ubuntu 6.06 Dapper Drake”

  1. I don’t think I had noticed the things you mentioned, but it’s been a long time since I installed Ubuntu (I’ve been running Breezy Badger for a while and recently did an in-place upgrade to Dapper Drake).

    It is a very smooth distro and I’d recommend it for Linux beginners. I’d recommend it for Linux pros like myself too, because it’s nice to not have to jump through hoops to get things like sound working.

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