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Flock Web Browser

So, I found this cool new web browser this evening. Thanks to one of the other Windows Vista Beta Testers for mentioning it. It has a bunch of cool features embedded, like uploading pictures to Flickr or Photobucket, news feeds, a cool little search bar, and built in blog poster. Now, you may be thinking that “I already have a cool web browser” or something like that. Well, you might as well give it a shot, I mean, you don’t really have much to loose do you? It’s built off of Mozilla’s Firefox so it’s more secure, and since it is new and barely used, very unlikely to get hit by some random attack. It supports extensions, although I don’t know if Firefox extensions are supported yet as I haven’t tried that out yet (I just started using it). One nice thing about it though is that it has a very smooth GUI and is pretty nice to look at. Now, since I’m saying that this is a good browser, you’re probably wanting to try it out now, so you can head on over to Flock’s Homepage and download the browser and test it out to see how you like it. I know that I’ll likely be using it now that I’ve found it, and even though it doesn’t have the extensions that I use in Firefox, I don’t really have that many that work “real-time” anyway. So, download, install, and try it out, all you have to loose is your old web browser 🙂

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