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Apple Updates Gallore

A couple years ago, the Apple Mac OS was given the title of “Most Secure Operating System” for home users. They stated that it was good because of the rock solid FreeBSD backend, plus the fact that there are next to no virus or trojan exploits out there for it. It’s user authentication system for installing applications or modifying system settings also helped to prevent any malicious software from changing things.

Well, times have changed a lot since that article was put out. Mac has been pushing out updates left and right. There are constant restarts where you used to be able to leave the system on months at a time. Now, users are lucky if you can leave their systems on for more than 2 weeks before another update is out and you need to restart again. The Dashboard, which is supposed to be a user-friendly feature to display what you want right at your fingertips has turned into a huge security problem. Scripters have now made malicious widgets, running junk in the background on your Dashboard. The iPod and iTunes explosion in popularity has not helped the security issues either. With their increase in popularity, more and more folks moved over to the Mac platform, and thus put more attention on the operating system and its components from the hacking community, and not the good side of hacking either. This added attention has brought up security vulnerabilities on nearly everything and likely a lot of unwanted attention.

Now, even more people are switching over to the problematic Macbooks and Macbook Pros, just because they can still run Windows if they want. Both models have had numerous reports of wireless issues across the net, and no sure-fix method of getting rid of them. But, when Windows installed on the same machine doesn’t have any issues with wireless, just figuring out how to emulate a right-click, it is obviously some issue with the Mac itself. The Macbook Pro has also suffered from several heat related issues, often getting to scalding hot temperatures. Apple’s public statement was that a piece of plastic was covering the fan outlets, but many people have blamed the problem on so much thermal compound was used that it became a heat insulator instead of a conductor. Either way, something that shouldn’t have happened. Now, there are reports of folks getting the new, pearly white Macbook, using it for a little while, and then stains are formed on it from where people are resting their hands. Overall, there are several issues that are showing up now that Apple has made it big in the world, although still not anything close to Dell, HP, or other big OEMs with PCs.

So with all this new publicity and unexpected attention from people looking for holes in the system, what is Apple doing? They are locking everything down. Pretty soon, Apple’s Mac OS is going to be just like the operating system that everyone seems to hate for some unexplained reason, Windows. They’ve locked down the code for nearly everyone, unless you have a PPC processor and are constantly putting out security patches. The once, stay on forever system, has turned into a hope to stay on for a month. Why you need to restart your computer after nearly every system update is unreasonable. I updated Quicktime, WHY DO I NEED TO RESTART? There are security patches coming out for nearly everything. The base system, loads of patches for Safari, built in applications, then iTunes and Quicktime. What was once considered the most secure operating system has been falling to its knees slowly as more and more issues arise. They’ve been hanging in the background for sometime now, and it seems that they should have stayed there and avoided the whole iTunes/iPod fad, and now the rediculous advertising for reasons to get a Mac.

They claim to be problem free and feature rich, but give it time and it will be the same old operating system that they are making out Windows to be. Constant restarts or freezes only on a PC? Hardly. There are many things one can do to get something to freeze on OS X, and you do the same thing you do in Windows when it happens, force quit the application. Rarely does Windows just ‘freeze’ out of the blue anymore, and hasn’t since Windows ME went out the door and they switched over to the NT Kernel for the operating system. Constant restarts, well, yeah, they happen a lot on a PC, about every time you restart your system for security updates, which are happening more often for Mac these days than for PCs. A Mac can talk in something else’s language, like a digital camera, well so can a PC, you install the software and it sees everything fine, same you would do on your Mac. Create stunning things with built in functions… well you could before on Windows. Then everyone started complaining that they don’t have any freedom to choose their applications and everything got stripped from the OS. What did Apple do? They decided to cram more junk in that many won’t use, and they get away with it. Tell me what you can’t do on a Mac with a built in product and tell my why it should be there by default when it was forcibly removed from Windows? Mac people, enjoy the functionality and security while you can as the day is quickly approaching when everything you know and love about your Mac disappears.


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