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Amazing Periodic Table

Today, while browsing for new and interesting stories, I found a link to an amazing periodic table. I don’t know why I found a periodic table so interesting, but anyone that has done anything with chemistry will likely find this as a very amazing flash application. It gives you so many details about every element on it when you simply scroll over the element. You can also change the coloring of the entire table based on any of the multiple characteristics that are there. I have never seen such a detailed periodic table before. Usually if you want the information given, you go off and find specific details on the element, but not pull out a periodic table. However, you don’t really need to do that anymore. The best thing about it is that you can click on an entry and just go to the Wikipedia page for the specified element. So, I have saved the flash file and am going to host it here, but you can also go to the original source as well. If something doesn’t look right with the one here if you use it, go to the original source as it could be that they have put out a new version of the application that fixes the issue. So, you can get to the Interactive Periodic Table host here, or go to the original table.


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